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Monday, August 8, 2011

No Original Ideas!

I have used a fork to make little pom poms since I was a kid. I thought of it when I was making clothes for my Barbie dolls. I thought it was an original idea and I did not covet it- but since making pom poms did not come up that often- I never really claimed it or taught it very often over the years.

In June I demonstrated this technique to my Knitwits and they loved it. Two weeks later I saw this on line and almost dropped my jaw on the ground.

My fork pom poms!! WTH- and all those years I was married to a Patent Attorney and did not protect or trademark this technique. Which speaks to my theory that as knitters we should all just agree to get along. I do not belief that there are very many new and completely original knitting ideas. Revised, new to you, original to you and all brand new as each piece knit by hand is one of a kind. So- when you need to make some sweet consistent pom poms to embellish your project- use a fork! And go ahead and take the credit for doing it- I just want everyone to know the joy of creating with 2 sticks and string...

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