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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow Woes Continue

MI is where I come from. I love that it is shaped like a hand knit mitten. I love that the ocean comes in second to swimming in the Great Lakes. I love how the entire population of the state gets in the car and goes "up north" whenever they can. In the summer it is to sun and swim. In the winter it is to ski and play in the snow. That constant state of movement is what makes so many of the folks from MI migrate to other places. We aren't afraid to.

Hold up your left hand. palm facing away from you. Just below your thumb joint is Dearborn. I started out there and headed north to the tip of your ring finger closest to your middle finger. Now I want to head south and west to the bay formed by the tip of your little finger. Traverse City Bay.

Thursday dawned sunny, so I resumed my road trip without any further delay. Rolled in to Deb's place in time for lunch and a happy reunion. On the way I crossed south of the 45th parallel and finally stopped to document that road sign.

The news was grim. The storm was heading to Detroit on Friday. The lower southeast section of the state would be closed down, including the airport. We met Tom for one of the best dinners ever (dreaming of the gnocchi) and debated the wisdom of driving through the night to make it back. Fortified with lots of strong coffee- I left. It was a white knuckle, white out, religious experience. There were 2 cars on the road south. The large gas tanker in front of me, and me. I did not look left or right. I kept my eyes and the wheels in his 2 tracks and stayed on his tail, just outside of his snow rooster tail. Sort of like water skiing? God gave me that truck. We went all the way downstate together. I pulled off to fill my empty gas tank and empty my full bladder. Arrived in Detroit at 4:30 am. The city only received about 3 inches and I had driven through the worst areas. I slept for a few hours and got the show on the road.

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