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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Knitting updates

My alpaca cardigan is finished. I wore it to Knitwits last night. I had to change into a t-shirt after an hour. It was too warm for the ball winding aerobics. We were winding as fast as we could and my swift started to act up. I had to postpone until next week. The gals with swifts and ball winders are bringing theirs next Wednesday for a winding festival. We all have Manos for our KAL that has to be turned into cakes.

Tuesday was knitting Guild. The Twisted Sisters baled out at the last minute and the program was sketchy. I wore my tweed cardigan to the meeting and I am happy to say it was comfy and soft all day long. Next month is a knitting rock star- Melissa Leapman. I will be taking her classes all day Thursday during the week of her visit. In honor of that visit- my next UFO is a vest of hers I started last year and put away in frustration over lace decreases. Pray for me...

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