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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Make Due With What We Have - Gratefully

According to Dr. Oz, Oprah's health guru, antioxidants are the fountain of youth. He prescribes red wine, dark colored vegetables, sleep and sex. Oh, Dr. Oz. Oh, Oprah. Oh, my health. I have taken my medicine like a good girl. I embrace the truth of the fine doctor on TV. But, I still find myself tired and feeling lazy. I'm pretty sure I look my age, and the fight with the scales will be everlasting on this earth. This discussion is inspired by my internal struggle to get up and go for a walk with the dog. She would love it, the weather is warm and sunny, I have an hour before I have to start running around. Instead, I blog. The red wine at Craft night last night was perhaps served in doses that exceed the prescription of one glass a day?

My shoulder is sore. Yesterday, I knit an entire moebius cowl (designed by Cat Bordhi) and available as a free download at I want to be knitting another one right now. It was fun to meet the challenge of learning the moebius cast on. Thank you Lisa Limber. You are a fine teacher. I want to make several more in beautiful yarns with nice drape. The GGH Aspen that I used was a tad too bulky and plain. It is an excellent yarn to use when trying new techniques due to the light neutral color and weight. Every detail is easy to define. The stitches stand out, mistakes and all. I cannot emphasis enough how much fun it is to continue to learn new knitting techniques. This old dog just loves it. I also finished a mohair/cotton blend gaiter. I am playing with lace patterns for fun. I would love to teach a lace class. When you create something with a pretty and seemingly complex pattern, it is very gratifying.

I have found an unfinished sweater that I quit on due to insufficient yarn purchased. You know you've done the same. It will be my next UFO to complete. I could search for more yarn to purchase on the internet. I am sure there is some out there. Instead I am going to redesign the sweater into a cap sleeve t-shirt and make due with what I have. This also is necessary since there is no pattern with the UFO and I do not remember where or what the pattern was?

I have postponed the Melissa Leapman project because I can't find all of the pieces and the remaining yarn. Nothing in this house is in it's place. I have filled up the places for everything. I must take some time to organize the stash and all of the rest. My goal is to find it in time for the classes I take with her. Perhaps I can get some tips from the designer herself. Another knitting rock star. I know, I am demented...

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