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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Knitalong Starts Strong

Knitwits has officially begun our Four Seasons Knit quilt. 12 squares knit over 12 months. We finish with blocking and seaming a beautiful finished quilt/afghan for Christmas. We started with square one Wednesday evening. My over achievers are at the front of the pack with as many as 5 squares completed. Every class has the students that work ahead. Everyone else mastered the 4 row repeat pattern and are on their way to making a thing of beauty. The majority of knitters are using the Manos wool the pattern calls for. It is magnificent. Thanks to NobleKnits for the deal for our bulk orders. Even the gals that chose different yarn are achieving good results. This will be a fun project. I will make 2. One for my home in the color Brick. The other is winter white and a wedding gift for our cousin Laura and her fiancee, Roy. We will attend their wedding in Puerto Vallarta this June. I will mail the completed quilt to their home in Chicago.

I spent my Christmas gift certificate from my daughter at our LYS the Black Sheep. I had run out of yarn with four rows to go while working on another moebius cowl. The yarn I started with was a lovely hand spun, hand-dyed wool and silk yarn I bought in Mystic, CT during the 9K road trip a few years past. It feels like luxury. So, I found a complementary yarn to finish off the border. It worked. I am addicted to making these moebius cowls. So much fun. Everyone will be getting one for Christmas 2008.

It has been perfect knitting weather. Rain, cold and a little more rain for good measure. The roof lets the rain in to visit us periodically. I am trying to be philosophical about it all. We need the rain. The sun dries out our wood quickly. I don't need to entertain or clean the house with all of the disarray caused by all of the pots and bowls in use. The look of winter in CA, when it has been wet- is green with blooms. It is a sight that most of the country would define as Spring. Verdant. Especially as the sun is setting and the light is gold and pink bouncing off the green hills.

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