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Monday, September 10, 2007

Time For School

The calender holds me captive in the fall. Every year I look forward to September with the "back to school" anticipation of a happy 3rd grader. Instead of a backpack full of supplies (can't you smell the newness?), it is the new purse and several pair of shoes in the latest fashion. Beyond the shopping and the return to fashion more formal than t-shirts and flip flops, I enjoy the structure of the fall schedule. The kids go back to school. My free time has a defined beginning and ending. Pick up at 3:30!

It also marks the start of many of the things I do that tie into the school year. That shift from summer to Autumn was always accompanied by the weather change and the color change of the season back east. From the yellow, blues and greens of a sunny season to the browns, red and orange of the winter slide, it has always been welcome and wonderful.

Fall also created an itch to step up your knitting. We move from cool cotton fabrics to the softest wool we can find. From the smallest sock or baby project that is portable and adds no heat to your body, we progress to the sweater pattern you have been waiting to conquer. I save afghans for winter when I want to cover my lap with a big warm blanket that grows and helps out with the fact that we have no heat at our house. You'll hear more about that in January I'm sure.

Which brings me back to the calender. Most people think the new year begins in January. I celebrate new years differently. I consider the true new year to begin with each birthday we log. It is a chance to evaluate your own personal journey. Then I hold September in second place as the start of the new year when you commence on the next year of learning new things, with or without a grade designation. Finally, January is the Romans idea of organized time that the world recognizes. Time management. So much to say, so little time...

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sharon said...

Hi Marsha, I know what you mean about fall, I love it too. The change of leaves, climate, football games playing in the background, and chili cooking in a cock pot. Just awesome! Lydia started kindergarten this fall and loves as do I!!!