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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sort it all Out

This morning I loaded up the car from floor to roof with yarn and needles and patterns and headed off to meet 3 guild members for the pricing and sorting of these lovely little orphans. One knitters trash, is another knitters treasure. My personal motto is: let no yarn go unknit! Every single skein of yarn I see takes a shape in my mind. It is like a disease. I can see the potential project and get excited about it, even if it isn't mine. But the real true temptation for me exists in the form of books. I love to read. I love to read knitting books. We received a generous donation of brand new books from a local publisher and editor. Be still my heart. We priced them to sell at our October Guild meeting (Stash Sale) and every penny I spend will be on books this time. My husband is sure I cannot possibly live long enough to knit all of the yarn I own. I hope he is right!

I am the philanthropic chairwomen of our guild. Part of my job is to collect and store all the donated "stuff", until we sell it at a guild fund raiser twice a year. It tends to take over the garage, bedroom, dining room and surrounds my seating area in the den. My hubby got so excited when I started to load the car at 7 am. I had to sneak it back into the garage neatly bagged and priced for sale. Our meeting is next Tuesday and it will be great to start all over again. He sees this as a vicious cycle. I see it as endless opportunity. Ying and Yang- that's us.

Thursday morning we load up the family and head up to the Oakland Marriott for the annual TKCG meeting. All guilds are being recognized for charters over 10 years. Our NCKG was founded 15 years ago by past president, Colleen Davis. She will be teaching classes and accepting the award. I will be there representing the home team, shopping and networking. My family is coming along for the ride to visit our college girl and have a road trip. We love to pack up and hit the road. We are the Griswolds.(National Lampoons Vacation Movie series) My oldest son is the co-pilot, Don does most of the driving, me in the middle and Evan will be in row 3 with his girl Bree. We got 2 rooms, one for the boys and one for the girls. It will be a whirlwind. Are we crazy? We'll have to sort that out when we get home...

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