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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Relief, Sweet relief

Sometime last evening during a fine dinner in an under air conditioned restaurant, something wonderful happened. The westward winds began to blow and the marine layer came in to cover our fair city with a cool cloud cover.The temperature instantly dropped by 15 degrees and the air became breathable. We stepped outside and I actually gave a shout out to God. It was slightly disarming to some of the fair knitting guild ladies. However, I could not contain myself.

I am delighted to report that Sally Melville is a thoughtful, intelligent speaker that is easy to listen to. Like a good sermon begs for a responsive "Amen" every now and then, Sally's 10 point presentation became interactive with knitters affirming her every thought. Her sense of humor and sincere love for her craft was evident. She is very likable and approachable, just like her books.

I picked up Bev and we headed off to dinner with great anticipation. We had great food and great company. Sally is all of the above and more in a small group. Tomorrow I will experience her teaching techniques and I know I am going to learn new things. I will try to be fearless and open to the new. I hope this old dog can learn new tricks. I will let you know. Even I can become intimidated and cling to old habits that don't serve me well. Safety and familiarity are my comfort. There is always room for change and I have faith in Sally. Whatever we do in class I know will be fun...

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Heather said...

It looks like dinner was a ton of fun! I can't wait to hear about it!