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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Up Close and Personal Social Knitworking

Breaking News. Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Reported by Marsha Wenskay AKA- Headknitwit

KNITWITS OF RSF TURN EIGHT: Happy Birthday Knitwits!

Eight years ago, local knit instructor Marsha Wenskay, decided she wanted to spread the knit love by starting a knitting group open to all that wanted to learn.

The no cost lessons and the love of the craft were what motivated her. She wanted to spread the love of a craft that she believes is an art-form in the right hands. Her motto of "no mistakes, just a little design detail" have comforted more than one distraught knitter. Her style of teaching combined with her ongoing support weekly, helps to keep the mistakes to a minimum.

The first evening eight years ago she opened the doors of her classroom and expected a handful of new knitters to seek out some lessons. Fourteen women showed up and Marsha started her aerobic knitting lessons. With giant sized 35 needles in hand and her back to the room she lead the ladies into the magical world of knit. As a conductor of an orchestra leads his musicians, Marsha was able to transform the never-knitters into accomplished makers of knit music.

She incorporated the yarn, needles, friendships,wine and snacks into a regular Wednesday night sit and stitch. Your secrets are safe and no topic is off limits.

The group has a roster of 40+ women from all over the community. They meet in a lovely room with excellent light at the Village Presbyterian Church. Average attendance is about 20 knitters each week. Everyone works at their own pace on the project of their choosing. The "Knitwits" participate in knit-a-longs as the spirit moves them. Currently, the group is working on Christmas Stockings for next year. February will find them learning fair isle knitting on a two-stranded

The Knitwits have contributed to many charitable knitting projects. Blanket squares for Project Linus, preemie caps, chemo caps, helmet liners for our troops, pink scarves for breast cancer survivors and the Heartscarves Project for survivors of heart disease.

Marsha has pet names for her diverse group of knitters. The "never-knitters" are on the roster because they want to attend the group and have no intention of learning the craft- yet. The "knitter-quitters" came and tried and have switched to another craft for the time being. The "incogknitos" do not want to be affiliated with any group, however are unable to stay away from the party. We protect their identity. The rest are affectionately known as Knitwits. All are welcome.

Every month or so, a brave new-knitter ventures in and finds that she will receive personal attention and group support in her quest for becoming part of a knitting sisterhood. This sorority unites every age, border, network, financial level or any status that can separate women. The act of knitting has been found to have the same medical benefits of yoga on the body and brain.
The meditative and psychological joy is harder to measure. The internet has groups with knitting memberships that top one million.

Join us and join a party that you want to never leave. Happy Birthday Knitwits.

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Sunny said...

I miss coming to Knit Wits! We've been seriously considering moving into a house...maybe it will be north?!