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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Math in the Family

Soon to be divorced. That is minus one husband. Five take away one, is four.
Adopted one lovely eight year old female cat named Cotton. That is plus one.
Four plus one and we are back to five. That is my bottom line total that feels complete to me.

Cotton is a fiber I love to knit with. Especially, cotton blends. Cotton the cat is beautiful. She is a blend. Part Siamese, part Tabby lynx. She is tall and sleek with blue eyes and the coat of a wild lynx. Shades of gray and cream. She looks great draped all around the house. The Siamese part keeps the shedding to a minimum. She came declawed, so she can scratch w/o consequences. So far she watches me knit and her curiosity is confined to a gentle swipe at the feeder yarn and an occasional taste. Cool and aloof, just the way I want her to be. I stay on one couch cushion and she watches from the other.

When I put the knitting down, or put the laptop on the coffee table, that is her cue to hop on my lap for some loving. She also likes to perch on the back of the sofa and watch my mechanics with yarn.

She is very shy and quiet. She likes to hide and startles easily. Ryan should freak her out. We have had her here since Saturday and that is a whole week for her to settle before the storm of her eldest brother enters the scene. She and Evan have bonded completely. I can see the joy a pet brings all over Evan. I know it was the right thing to do. There is love in the house.

She will have many new experiences ahead of her. Cotton has never been outside. She was an apartment dweller and the spaciousness of this house overwhelmed her initially. She is now looking out of the windows of this "glass castle" and I envision her joining me on the patio one day. We are both entering new phases of our lives. Math figures beyond addition will be involved. I am expecting exponential changes. It is good.

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