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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11 Ones

One day I will start to blog again. This seemed like the day.
One is the loneliest number you will ever find... sing with me!
One Day at a time I will open up again and begin to allow the creativity within me flow out.
One entry at a time I will share and find acceptance without fear.

Knitting related and life relating is the tag line of this blog.
I quit when life began relating to me with sucker punches.
I did not want to drag you readers down. I may have underestimated you.
If anyone is still out there- I thank you. Let's try one today and see about tomorrow.

All of the ones that mark this day has me contemplating the idea of firsts.
So this is my first blog entry of 2011. This is my first attempt at getting my mojo back.
I never quit knitting and I have all of my pictures to prove it.
I did quit relating. This is my first attempt to get back to cyberspace and express myself.
One must try, mustn't one.

I still love red wine and want to have fun. Yarn is still my passion.
I have just attended TNNA- the trade show for all of the needle art world. I still have lots to share with photos and words. One reader, one comment, one another. We can take the crap and turn it into wonderful. One to won. That is the plan.


Tess said...

I love you and miss you Marsha. You are a huge inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank Heaven, you're back! Thank you for all of your previous and future blogs. Those of us who are unknown to you, check in on you from time to time and wish you all the best, always, all ways.