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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Don't Bash My Stash

During the economic hard times, many of us hard core knitter's have turned to the yarn we have hoarded (stashed) over the years, to meet our knitting needs. You have seen documentation of my stash on this blog. I had a large closet built into my room that is exclusively for my stash and all of my yarn (or most of it?) is in that closet and an antique armoire. Although, there is some in the garage, in clear storage bins next to the antique armoire, next to the couch, next to the recliner, next to my bed and... you get the idea.

I never stop buying yarn completely. I have, however, cut way back in deference to groceries and utilities. I am so mature. There are some people (non-knitters) that just cannot understand my stash and what it means to me. The yarn holds memories. Many times, the only souvenirs I allowed from travels all over the world, were fiber treats. I bought an extra huge suitcase and shipped it back from Italy full of the treasures from Biella. The 9000 mile road trip across America was just an excuse to visit yarn shops in 27 states.

I digress. My point is, I have a great stash and it is serving me well. I am knitting out of my stash. Grabbing a bag of yarn, calculating the yardage and the gauge, I have hit the bookshelf and the internet to match a project to it's perfect yarn mate. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. I love to discover a perfect combination of yarn and pattern for the sweater I will knit during the 2010 Winter Olympic Challenge. Can't wait.

Just yesterday I found some "almost hand-spun" wool and kid mohair from Stonehedge Fiber Mill in Michigan. Today it is one half of a Tuscan shawl that is addictive to knit. I will finish it this weekend and my biology homework will suffer for it. Damn you Amy Singer and your great pattern and class! More about her later.

So, do not bash my stash. I am shopping in my closet and it is good. What is even better, as I put my beloved yarn to good purpose, I realize a brilliant revelation. I am making space. Nature abhors a vacumn. Yarn out, means there is room for yarn in! Yes. The stash has served me well and made the hard times more than bearable. The better news is, as I clear space and lovingly run the good old days through my fingers, tomorrow awaits what the future will hold. Yarn shops of the world prepare. I will return and I will be buying.

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Anonymous said...

If possible...when you knit your wonderful, beautiful pieces and put them up on your etsy shop, could you please put the origin of the thread? And when you make an item, (and ship it) would it be possible to put in a short story of where and how you came to purchase the yarn?

I know a painter who writes poems to go with each of her paintings, and it makes the paintings that much more endearing. I think a story (or a poem?) about how you came by the yarn would also be very wonderful for the future wearer to know more about how and why you chose this yarn.

Good luck!