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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Coyote Ugly

My what big teeth you have, you savage predatory beast of the backyard. Lately, in the middle of the night the howls, yips and screams of the beasts and their prey have awakened me from deep and restless sleep. I jump up to close the dog door and cluch Steezy to my side until the killers move on.

The blood curdling screams are right outside the door and on the other side of the pool wall. I expect to see ravaged carcasses littered around the back acre in the morning as I survey the view with my coffee.

I see nothing.

Then, I saw something. You know how sometimes, for no apparent reason, you look up at just the right moment? Saturday morning at 8:45, I was loading groceries into the freezer in the garage. It was a gorgeous morning and I was in a hurry to get a quick walk in with the dog. She was scampering around my feet. I looked up and lopping down the lane next to the drive was a coyote the size of a large German Shepherd.

Steezy took off after the coyote as I let go of a scream, grabbed a rock and took off running after the two separate breeds of canine. The coyote turned it's head to snap. Calling to Steezy and flailing the rock, I was joined by my neighbor and we both chased and yelled until we got a hold of Steezy's collar. All I could imagine is that I was about to watch my puppy become the breakfast snack of this large and toothy monster. Fortunately, the coyote wanted to run away from the bedlam he had stumbled upon. Danger averted. Walk, aborted. Too early in the morning for a stiff drink!

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