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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Picot Contrails

One of my Knitwits, Lynne, knit the most luxurious throw in creamy, natural Manos wool. I seamed and blocked it for her and it just did not look as polished as it should. Beautiful and soft, just not finished. I called Lynne and asked if I could bring in the talent of our resident master crocheter, Amy. Lynne deferred to my opinion and off it went to Amy to have a picot crochet edge added. It turned out to be the most perfect ending.

Amy delivered it to Knitwits and the crowd went wild. We all want to learn to crochet the picot edge. Even Moi, was dreaming of mastering this technique. Anyone that has seen me with a crochet hook in hand knows that it is not a pretty picture. I am as uncoordinated as a surgeon with a chainsaw! Amy has agreed to teach a little picot class on March 24th at our usual meeting place in Rancho Santa Fe. I will be there and try not to look too stupid. I may have to practice at home.

I know that you can knit a picot edge. It has been covered by Nicky Epstein in her book "Knitting on the Edge"and Louisa Harding confessed to me that she hates to crochet (just like me). Her patterns incorporate knitted edges that are often confused for their crochet counterpart. It is the challenge of learning a new technique and mastering it, that calls to me.

So, as I spent time contemplating picot, I looked up in the sky behind the house, and there to my surprise was the picot contrail to confirm my desire to learn. Yes! Picot- here I come.

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