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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Free Healthcare For Knitters

Knitting and felting handbags is one of my mindless pleasures in knitting. The first photo shows one of my bags fresh off of the needles, unfelted and unfinished.

The second photo shows a felted, lined and embellished bag ready to wear. the black body of the bag has gold and brown flecks throughout the yarn.

I have been without healthcare for quite some time now. Thanks to knitting, my body benefits as I make each stitch. It helps to keep my blood pressure low, my stress hormones decrease with every click of the needles, and my breathing becomes regular and deeper.

I am convinced that this free prescription has kept me well. I know it helps to restore my soul.
No Dr. visit required.

I will warn you, it is addictive and if you ever sat on a needle in your nightie, you know it can be dangerous...

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