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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Never Say Never

A recurring theme. You are never too old to learn. I swore I would never knit socks, until I knit a dozen pairs. I swore I would never learn to spin, until a friend spurred on an interest and we decided to make 2009 the year we found a spinning class. I do not mean stationary bicycles, or fitness, my friends.

Spinning wool is the name of this game. Spinning wheels, drop-spindle spinning, drafting, plying, nitty-notty, and roving are the vocabulary. More tools, more storage space needed. My goodness.

Opportunity knocked on our door with the class schedule email from our newest LYS, Clever Knits, in Vista. We signed up for the classes where we met Sarah the Spinner and fiber expert. Before you could say "drop-spindle spinner" 3x, we were! I had to overcome some frustration, go home and watch youtube videos and practice. I am now a spinner too. I am taking roving (washed and carded wool) and spining it into single strands of wool yarn. Then I ply two strands together. I can manipulate the twist and the consistency of my yarn. My yarn. I produced it all by myself.

When I am too tired to knit, I find spinning a soothing and fruitful pastime. Thank you Lyn for tapping into the unknown desire. Thank you Sarah for teaching ably and providing me the tools.

I have a goal to spin enough wool to knit up a special hat. I took some of Lyn's teal roving and plied it with my rich brown. The combo is so on trend with fashion this year. When the hat is done you will be the first to know...

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