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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Last night my hubby and I watched a wonderful HBO movie called "The Gathering Storm" about Winston Churchill prior to the start of WWII. It was a small film, but oddly moving and compelling.
The political climate of the UK seems much the same today as it was in the prewar late 30's.

Winston, as portrayed by Albert Finney, looks remarkably like Grandpa Roy, padding around the house naked. Vanessa Redgrave, as his wife, evoked memories of her recently deceased daughter, Natasha Richardson. Their voices were clones. The film transported us to the time and place.

Winston was apt to wallow in depression. Painting away the dark times, his studio and easel were his coping tools. He had remarkable self esteem and believed in his profound destiny. He was born to be a great man. He coined a phrase and used it often within his community of family and friends. KBO- keep buggering on!

I like it. It is what we must do now. I will share that the IBM receivables have arrived in the nick of time to stave off doom and gloom. We have kept the wolves at bay for the time being. However, there are now paltry recievables to insure our future status quo. We need a miracle of employment. We need it sooner, than later. A Biblical reversal of Fortune. Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts. We plan to KBO...

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