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Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't Ignore The Ads On your Right

I must write about knitting. The ads that run along side of the blog are the income that allow us bloggers to have a free site to post our thoughts. That is why we all encourage you to hit on anything that may interest you. It generates income for me personally and it brings revenue to the advertiser, eventually. The magic of the internet allows the blog site to actually take key words out of the writing and match appropriate advertisers to the content. Amazing technology. Well, my post about my uninvited party guest created an unsavory side bar of businesses suited to the disposal of the party guest I will no longer name. To change the side bar I must focus the content back on knitting.

Knitting, knitting, all things knitting. I have almost finished my brother's throw. It is lovely and will keep him warm in his new home in Richmond, VA. Someplace new to visit. Two more KnitWits have finished their throws and we are going to go to the talented Pauline to have them blocked and assembled. I will photograph it before shipping it east.

I continue to work on Alpaca scarves. I love to feel alpaca yarn. It is so soft. I wore the Alpaca sweater, previously featured in this blog, all day Friday. It shed like an animal on my black shorts!!! Imagine. But, I must say it feels so soft against the skin, that I forgive it.

I have had requests for a custom knit throw for a friend. I need to order the black yarn and start as soon as I get the red one of the needles. Brynn's sweater is at a stand still as I ran into trouble with the decreases at the shoulder. So fickle. So I knit a quick wrap in a muted colorway that everyone loves. Mindless knitting on large needles with laceweight yarn.

I signed up to do a KAL at the Lion Brand blog. Check it out. It is a cool looking shrug designed by the talented Glampyre. How and when will this be knit??? Check her out at her blog.

I am going to do a trunk show in late September in Carlsbad. I have designed new patterns and plan to knit up at least 20 bags to sell with a few other accesories. Wine and cheese and chic handknits! I will skip the craft fair and have a second home show in November, based on the success of the first one. I hope the ads have changed back to pleasant yarn companies...

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