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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It Worked

I am happy to report that you no longer have the ads featuring pest eradication on the sidebar! Hurray! It worked. Now you have lovely ads about knitting and I especially like to recommend the knitculture site. Nobleknits is also awesome.

I finished my brothers throw and have pinned it into shape for finishing. I love it. I started another shawl for this fall's trunk show. Photos tomorrow. I had a really productive day. I organized all of my knitting books. I also took random patterns that were collected in a tall stack, and matched yarn to pattern from my stash. I placed them together in ziploc bags and now have handy projects in a bag to grab and knit.

I have all the laundry caught up, dishes done and floors swept. I even got some scrap booking projects together for a future time of contemplation and paper creativity. So little time, so many projects...


Anonymous said...

Nope, you still have "Roof Rat Specialist" listed on the right. Sorry to hear about your unwanted visitor. Hope Brian is happy in his new home in Richmond!

HeadKnitwit said...