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Thursday, March 12, 2009

One Ridiculous Situation After Another

Tonight I am watching DVD's. I started with my favorite opera film, "La Traviata". It is a Franco Zefferelli film, which makes it visually beautiful. The lead is sung by Placido Domingo in his prime. It is the most soul stirring music that I have in my heart. My sad won't let me knit.

Next I watched "La Vie En Rose". A more recent film that combines the tragic life story of famous singer Edith Piaf (The Little Sparrow), with some of the most remarkable hand knits in film. That is a true double whammy for moi.

Having the soundtrack laid down for depression helps me process the details of my bad day. It is just one in a series, known as my bad week. Evan took a miss step in his repentance today. I am at a loss to explain his poor choices. Parenting 101 did not cover this. My advanced study courses in Special Ed and AP status as Ryan's Mom, has been worthless with this "normal" kid. Being mentally handicapped is one thing, stupid decisions are something else entirely. He is so remorseful that it breaks my heart. Heartbreak hurts, regardless of the source.

Financially, we are going down the tubes. We have not had a payday since after Christmas. No money in the bank is no money in the bank. IBM revealed to Don that they are not paying their bills. 80% of Don's practice is IBM work and they owe us a boatload of money for the work he has done. What is this world coming to?? GM going bankrupt means anything can happen. How can a man as accomplished as Don be in a situation like this? He has such a heart for his family and our well being. I think we are going to go all the way down to the bottom of the $ thing. It is such a surreal experience. I just hope I am the right kind of women for such a time as this. God willing.

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Anonymous said...

I was sorry to read about the IBM situation. You are certainly not alone, as a lot of good, hardworking people who lived life reasonably/modestly, providing for their families, are now coming face to face with the same situation due to no fault of their own.

I pray that God hears your/my prayers and you find relief from this stressful situation soon.