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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Amazing Atmosphere

Last Sunday, Ryan and I drove home from church under the blanket of a thick, heavy cloud coverage. It was oddly warm and muggy.
I could barely concentrate on driving the winding roads homeward. Eyes upward focused, the road was blessedly empty.
I ran into the house with the car running in the driveway. Grabbed my camera bag and a bottle of water for Ryan.
I drove to the top of the hill just beyond my driveway, engaged the emergency flashers and took these photos.
In these clouds, you could see the world. Dimensional and magical. The heaviness was palpable.
They were comforting, not threatening. Look at the house and the road for perspective. Just beyond the fluffy comforter of cloud the blue sky stays tucked away for later. Mother nature and Father God I love you.

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