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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hurts So Good

Wow! I have sustained a new knit related injury. After a lengthy session on square 10 of the KAL, I experienced a pinched feeling in my right middle finger. It almost felt like a little bug bite. I looked down and watched as blood pooled under the skin on the side of my finger above the joint. Dr. Marsha diagnosed the symptoms as indicative of a small ruptured blood vessel, just under the skin.

Two days later it looks like a muddy bruise. My hubby asked if I broke my finger? It does not hurt. There is stiffness in my joints of the right hand, but that is my norm. Last year I developed a bump on my right little finger that had to be injected with cortisone to end the pain. It still bothers me sometimes. The machine called the human bidy begins to wear out. If I can no longer knit in my old age, I pray God grants me the serenity to accept and maintain my sanity...

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