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Monday, April 11, 2011

I Want Jane Eyre's Shawl

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Dear Knitters-

I went to see the newest version of "Jane Eyre" in theaters now. Early in the film Jane is shown wearing a shawl that caught my eye. I instantly thought to myself- that is a side to side garter stitch shawl with short row ruffles. I want to knit it. I got home after ten pm and logged on to the internet to see if the pattern was up yet. I can always count on other intrepid knitters to do the heavy lifting. I was so happy to see the pattern posted for free. You can find it by Googling Jane Eyre shawl and enjoying the search- or you can click here for a direct link via 'Exchanging Fire"

This morning I found the yarn in my stash that I want to use. It is a nice silk and wool blend. However it is a worsted weight and the pattern calls for the use of fingering weight. I am going to start swatching and hope to have a good piece to show the girls at Knitwits Wednesday night. The link to indigirl has an excellent tutorial on yarn substituting that you should read. I never like to reinvent the wheel. Credit goes to those who go before me and make this community of knitting such a pleasure to be part of...


Your Headknitwit


Heatherly said...

have you seen "to eyre" designed by carol sunday?
it uses worsted weight

Knittin' Kate said...

Also, in the new Jane Eyre film, nearer the end when Jane has wealth she sports a knitted waist length cape. My recollections are that it a heather yarn with a rolled collar and gored or ruffled towards the bottom. Does anyone have a picture if it and/or know anything about such construction? Cape patterns on the internet that would come close to what i remember are non existent.

Marian Dunham said...

One of the main reasons I watch movies is to see knitting I'd like to have or some unusal design in clothing. I too want the Jane Eyre's Shawl but can't find a good copy. One had a Eyre shawl but it wasn't done with increases as the one she wore. Help me; have you found a "good" one?

Marian Dunham said...

one of the reasons I watch movies is to find something I want to knit or a clever design in sewing; at cut collar, trim or detail. I've researched for this shawl but I can't find one like the movie's. I want one made with straight stich and increases up the back. Have you found a good one yet?

maroccanmint said...

Please, look there: