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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Man Down (again) Graphic photo warning

Is this getting old for you too? I must say that the time we spend together going to and fro to doctors, CT scans, x-ray consults, surgery consults, preoperative exams culminating in surgery, has drawn us closer. I am thinking we should just sit and talk once a week and quit meeting this way. That is the inside of Evan's elbow and the cursor is between pieces of floating broken bones.

On February 7th, Evan hit a wall in the bowl of the Carmel Valley Skate Park. He broke his elbow again. Yes, the same as the motorcycle crash last July. The break has a name- the terrible triad. That is 2 bones plus one torn ligament. The radial head and the ulna and the collateral ligament. Two screws and many sutures later, my baby boy is now a veteran of the operating room. UCSD Hospital and Dr. Abrams put him back together with kindness and skill on Friday the 18th.

The night of the accident Evan could not reach his parents until late at night. I was at home reading a good book and my phone was off. Guilty Mom syndrome was thick in the air. I wanted to thank Dr. Eric Lovell, our friend and the head of the ER at Scripps for taking care of my boy and being his family in the ER. He referred us to the same ortho doc that helped set his last elbow break. After the CT scan- he sent us to the experts at UCSD.

Recovering at home has been exhausting. He has a catheter in his chest to deliver a nerve block medication from the shoulder down every 15 minutes. The tube is 10 cm into a vein in his chest and the pump is taped down and sits in a fanny pack strapped to his waist.It freaks him out! Still, he needs Percocet every couple of hours. He is tired and crabby. Momma the nurse is tired. The first night I slept(?) with the cell phone in my pillowcase and ran to deliver meds and reposition him every 2 hours. He is able to take his own pill now, if I leave one with the bottle of water open.

I have aged these past two years. Motherhood- not for the wimpy. He has no plans to give up skateboards or motorcycles. Just in case you thought about asking...

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