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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Knitting Love Letters

When I was in Michigan this summer I spent the night with my friend Kay. I gave her a crash course in knitting. Then I referred her to the local knit shop for ongoing support.

She is one of the girls you know for many years but only get to see on the rare occasion. We are separated by 2000 miles. Kay tried Facebook and hated it. She does not love to email. The phone is not the communication of choice. For Kay, it is the letter. Pen to paper, in an envelope, stamped and posted.

I was the proud recipient of this letter where she told me about her knitting escapades since that first awkward attempt. Now, she is sketching designs and sending me patterns. Quite nicely, as you can see. I just could not be happier to know that she has fallen for the fellowship of the needles. Welcome my sister. One more bond we share...

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