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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ryan and Steezy

This past weekend was a "Ryan Weekend" which usually means we are isolated at home together. He guards his time with his Momma jealously.

This weekend, that was not the case. We had friends come for dinner. Tori cooked Skinny Italian in my kitchen. Ellen made a caprese salad with the sweetest homegrown tomato I have ever tasted. Karen brought ice cream and we had a delightful meal together. Ryan enjoyed the food and the company. He stretched more than his stomach by allowing me to entertain on his time.

Sunday morning Ryan was reminiscing about our beloved dog, Steezy. We miss her very much. I picked up her remains and a paw print from the Veterinarian this past week and shed a tear or two for my faithful companion. Ryan asked me to find another dog like Steezy. One that will sit in his "pouch" and lick his toes. They spent many a Sunday afternoon cuddled on the couch just like this photo. An Autistic boy and his faithful friend to the end.

A "pouch" is the space formed by your bent legs when you curl up on the couch. It was the seat of honor for the kids when they were little and I was reclining with a book or the TV. It is a warm and comfy place to be. I swore I would never have a dog again. Ryan and the empty pouch, may change my mind someday...

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