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Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009 So Fine

I just completed a day of sewing for Halloween. A stroll down memory lane. I have always loved this holiday. Costumes and candy? Who doesn't love those two things?

My little room mate, Heike, also loves this holiday. She came home with some new boots last month and I said they reminded me of Peter Pan. Next thing you know, we went from concept to design and today, finished product.

I love to make the people happy! So, her friend Elliot needed a costume and I said I could whip up a little Fred Flintstone, to go. He has to supply his own club and stop shaving for a few days.

I miss the "trick or treaters" and the parties for Kids and their Parents. Back in the old neighborhood the Moms stayed at our house and drank wine, while the Dads escorted the kids on their appointed rounds. We always started out with a bowl of hearty Chili with toppings for sugar fortification. Good times. The cul de sac was a perfect place to gather and enjoy the kids.

This year, I will have a glass of wine with friends and reminisce about the days of costume making. I am glad to have a big kid in the house that still wants to watch me work a little magic with some felt and a sewing machine. May your tricks bring laughs and your treats be bold!

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