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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of...

Monday night I drove home from Craft night and encountered rain. Real rain that required windshield wipers and curled your hair. Yesterday it was 80, the day before at 5:30 the outside temperature read 85 in my car. Today we may have some normal 70's with overcast skies. Cloudy with a chance of endless possibilities???

Friday night I sat outside past midnight enjoying the night skies full of stars. Cassiopeia was over my right shoulder and it was so clear and orderly. For a moment it felt like all was right with the universe. It turns out that as far as the universe goes, all is right. My little universe is spinning out of control. By the first of the year, things will be very different. The strength I need to face an unknown future will be tested further. It might be overwhelming if I did not have the stars in the night sky to compare the challenge to.

Knitting helps me to put order into a disorderly life. Can I fit in another client to care for? Not if their schedule and mine are incompatible. Can I improve my History grades and write papers according to the teachers technical criteria? Can I prepare for Wednesday by Sunday (so far, so good) so that I can continue to teach Bible Study and have the joy of Knitwits?

All of these questions are put in their place as I chose a pattern to knit that is challenging. I know I am up to the challenge. I can figure it out and be successful. I can end up with something beautiful from my needles. It is tangible in my hands and it represents what I can do. I am learning to do so many things, that having a fall back skill that is gratifying and already imprinted on the brain, is a comfort. Right now my life is cloudy with a chance of ...

The possibilities are endless.

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