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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Once Upon A Mattress

A funny thing happened on the way to my marital separation. The Mister heard me say I no longer could sleep in my marital bed. He had a conversation in his head and decided to relieve me of this burden by taking our entire bedroom full of furniture to a consignment shop. He proceeded to off load the contents of at least 20 drawers on the floor (albeit neatly) and reveal any number of dust bunny families and under bed storage containers to the light of day. Horrified is the only descriptor I have for my reaction.

With the help of friends, we painted away the blues and washed that man right outta my hair. The result is a clean organized room with a fresh perspective. Years before, on the eve of Mister's lay-off, we had planned to redo our bedroom and I had purchased all new bedding, pillows,and lampshades. We shelved those plans following his job loss. Off the cupboard shelf they flew and for the cost of 2 gallons of paint I have an airy new space. It is calm and makes me smile, where once, sadness was filling all the empty places. When my yarn is all sorted and placed away, I will be ready to face anything.

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