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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Madness Recap- No Basketball Included

While our men watched the kids and basketball, the annual ladies retreat occurred in March. I have been remiss in posting anything much about it, because I had fun and did not take many pictures. We were at the "wundaful, wundaful" Lawrence Welk Resort. It was beautiful weather with "way beyond adequate" accommodations.

If you are a grown up and you have any opportunity to attend a retreat for rest, relaxation and a minimum of education, I must insist you try to go! I have few other requirements. It can be hobby based, spiritual, business oriented, physical rejuvenation... If the event does not include wine, take a bottle and do not forget a corkscrew. Maybe one for each night away from home. You will have the most popular room at the event and look forward to small group breakouts!

We ended up with one retreat that encompassed all of the above attributes. Best speakers, best yoga class, productive knitting, fab food and good times. It is like mini camp. We do not hesitate to make sure our kids have great camp experiences, do we? Remember Mom and Dad-take care of yourself first, with the goal of caring for everyone else more when you are well equipped and sound. Just like the mask on the airplane...

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