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Friday, April 3, 2009

Dinner 4 "8"

At our church we enjoy fellowship with a diverse community of multi-generational friends. We have a dinner club that is called "Dinner for Eight." It began several years ago and we have participated since the beginning. We have had varying degrees of success with the random groups of eight people put together by a secret selection committee. Very covert. Not beyond bribery, I have heard.

Happily, this has been one of the best groups ever! We each prepare one dish of a spontaneous menu driven by the Host home's choice of main course. We each take a turn as Host, rotating one dinner per month. This was at my house and I decided to make an Apricot stuffed Pork roast. The Chittea contribution was a corn pudding that was scraped clean from the large serving dish. Pat Dickinson has turned into the salad superstar. Geeta Antony has outdone herself with desserts. Her pineapple cheesecake was delectable. The Terhunes started us off with a shrimp platter. Sounds good doesn't it. We have fun and we just fell in love with this group!

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