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Friday, July 11, 2008

New knitting Challenge

I finished my KAL Four Seasons Throw and it is at the professional finishers. Not because I can't finish it, I am just too busy. When completed I will photograph it before sending it to the Newlyweds in Chicago. I have another throw on the needles for myself. The color is a rich brick red, perfect for the den.

I read three books on vacation, knit one gaiter and cast on a tank top. Friday afternoon I read another book in 3 hours. It made me think how all time stands still while you read. It is impossible to read and do a whole lot else. Laundry excluded. So, I decided to dedicate some time to knitting a sweater and see how long it takes compared to reading. One sweater = how many books?(Based on reading 100 pages per hour).

I received 2 new magazines this week and chose a simple sweater called "Half & Half" from Knitters, Summer 2008. It took 4 hours to knit the first half from right sleeve to middle. Today, I plan to give myself 3 hours to work the other half from left sleeve to mid section. It may take 2 more hours to finish the neckline and button band. The first time through always takes longer. That is why I will often knit the same pattern at least twice if I liked it. That was a question at the site Knitters Review once upon a time. So, in the time spent reading 3 books, I hope to complete this summer sweater in time for the family reunion in August...

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