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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Destination Wedding - South of the Border

OMG! Back from Mexico and so many stories to tell. We spent ten days in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding environs with family and friends. We went to celebrate Laura and Roy, as they wed on the sand at the Dreams resort. Some of the cast of "Real Housewives of Orange County" were staying at the resort and were overshadowed by the 75 wedding guests that overtook the pool with the swim up bar. It was so HOT! The pool water felt like bath water- bordering on hot tub. I had my suspicions on why the water was so warm, a beer in-beer out, theory?

The days and nights surrounding the wedding were full of activities. The Mexican Fiesta dinner show was delightful. Then there was the "Rhythms of the Night" Boat cruise. Our destination dinner show is nestled cliff side in a property developed by Hollywood's John Huston. The only access is by boat. No electricity. All lighting is candle and torch. I have no idea what we ate for dinner, but it was very romantic. This event was fondly referred to as a "booze cruise". Did you know that you can pole dance on the deck of a two level catamaran that holds 100 people? Did you know that if you spend 3 hours dancing wildly on the deck of a moving boat, that your sciatica will render you lame for 24 hours? Did you know you could brush your teeth with beer when the tap water is questionable? Did you know that knitting in 95 degree weather with 100% humidity makes all yarn very sticky? Oh yes, there are pictures being developed

The bride and groom maintained smiles throughout. They have been a couple for seven years and this wedding was a real celebration of a relationship people wanted to see culminate in a wedding. We have traveled back to MI for all of the family weddings we could, for the past 15 years. This has involved plane tickets, hotels and all the travel contingencies along the way. By definition, destination wedding. What a nice change to actually go to a luxury resort where heat and humidity are expected and the dress code is bathing suit with optional cover-up. Thanks for including us...

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