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Monday, December 10, 2007

I wish I had a River I could Skate Away On

Today is a 3 post kind of day. The soundtrack would be by Joni Mitchell from her greatest hits album. I wish I had a river I could skate away on.They're cutting down trees and I made my baby cry.

I am so mad at my husband. I write this with the buzz of a chainsaw drowning out the Christmas satellite radio. The dog can't stop barking at the men swinging from ropes and wielding the saws of doom to my trees. How did this come about?

The fires inflamed the fears of my neighbors. It lit a fire under the She next door and her He extinguished the flames by asking my He to cut down all of the 100 ft Eucalyptus trees on the property line. She would not be able to sleep well until the fire danger those trees represent to her were gone. I argued for the trees. With a full western exposure and a hot little house, I begged to keep the shade afforded us. I argued that our trees were a mere dent in the population of huge trees surrounding the area and belonging to many of our neighbors. Were all of the adjacent tree owners on board and willing to cut down trees so She could sleep?

The stumps testify to the life that once stood proud. The logs being sawed will not fuel my fireplace. Seeing those logs have set a fire inside of me. Not the good kind. Now my He has some fires to put out. This She is hot...

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