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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Knitwits Tonight

It is a hot and muggy day here in sunny San Diego. 80 degrees and so still. It makes for lazy knitting. A cotton washcloth or baby bib knits up well on a day like today. I feel the urge to knit a pair of socks with a lovely Koigu from the smallest yarn shop (String) I've ever visited in NYC.

Wednesday night is a favorite time as my fellow knitwits gather to raise a glass of wine and share progress on our individual projects. I am waiting on a shipment of cotton yarn featured this month at to make into a pattern purchased at a newly discovered LYS, located next door to a Hooters restaurant. Now my husband wants to go on yarn field trips. I had to buy the namesake pattern for the sweater called "Marsha", it looks like a fun and easy design. The trouble with me today is I seem to have some kind of knitting ADD. I want to work on at least 4 projects at the same time and each one is nagging at me. I'm too hot to make a commitment to any one of them.

Our conversation centered around airport horror stories as many of our group are making sojourns about the world and find themselves at the mercy of the airline industry. American airlines actually canceled a flight out of Chicago to Milwaukee and could not get my friend on another flight until after she was scheduled to come home. But, they did manage to get her suitcases to the final airport. It used to be so much fun to travel. Not just the destination, but the actual process of transport. I would actually get an adrenalin rush if I got near the airport. Now that the airlines are no longer service oriented (understatement) the rush comes if you get anywhere near your destination with your luggage. It is wonderful to live somewhere that can become the best vacation you never took just by your choice of company and the venue.

San Diego is a land full of opportunities and natural beauty. Comic Con is in town and it can be wildly entertaining to go for a stroll downtown. Walking the ocean is a good way to cool down. Or, never getting in the car at all is sometimes the best way to unwind. I'm trying to think of a great charity project that we can knit as a group and use to learn new skills. Any great ideas out there? As the chair of philanthropic knitting for our local guild I have my hand in so many pots. But we are sick of scarves, hats, helmet liners, chemo caps, blanket squares... Let me know if you find something inspiring and I will concentrate on focus. One project, one project ,one project...

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eileensweaters said...

"The trouble with me today is I seem to have some kind of knitting ADD. I want to work on at least 4 projects at the same time and each one is nagging at me."

Marsha, this would be me too! I have had four projects going all week and I'm happy to report that two are now finished. As soon as I tired of one, I grabbed another one and really wanted to knit all four at once. Oh my, and I'm dreaming of the next project!!!