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Friday, May 20, 2011

Seeking Balance

I am a known knitter. I pursue it passionately enough that I suffer knitting related injuries to my upper body. I sleep in rigid wrist braces, I do warm up exercises with my hands and arms, and I knit through the pain, most days. Knitlete, as opposed to athlete.

It is a sedentary activity by definition. That is debatable based on my injuries and the heart-rate increase that surges through me as I experience the creative process of knitting. Most would argue that it is definitely not aerobic!

I have been turning to food and wine the past couple of years as a comfort and the pounds are creeping up. I have contemplated an exercise program many times while I nosh and watch episodes of the Biggest Loser. I would love to be on that show if they never revealed how much you weigh?! Is that too much to ask?

I used to go to the gym and have a trainer and do pool aerobics. I have always been big, but fit. Now, age and menopause have been factored into the equation. I decided to try to put fitness back on the to-do list. A 5k has been on my bucket list. So is a 10k. The future bucket list.

I saw a banner for the 20th run of the Encinitas 5k and mentioned it to my Breakfast Club (do you sense an eating theme here?) They got behind me in a big way and we all registered and Saturday it happened. We each ran/walked an individual race. I had a goal to finish ahead of the handicapped and set a baseline time to beat in the future. Karen wanted to make it through the course w/o falling and beat the man with a cane. Kathy wanted to run it. Ellen and Kathleen set a good pace and powered through.

Now, I am on line looking for the next one. 3-4 times a year is the pace I want to set, with a better time each race. I am trying to beat my self each time. Better than letting life beat me. I will knit on and walk toward the finish line. I am not able to do both unfortunately. I know some can- good for them. I should put that on my bucket list!

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Anonymous said...

You look fantastic, Marsha! Keep up the good work!