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Monday, March 5, 2012

World of Pinot Noir

I have just returned form a beautiful weekend on the Pacific coast where friends gathered for a tasting of more than 150 Pinot Noir wines, all under two huge tents overlooking the ocean and all of her surrounding beauty. My goodness- we know how to have fun. The Cliff's Resort is lovely and I highly recommend everyone drive up the coast for a respite.

I was the passenger in the back of a Denali- and so I knit in comfort both coming and going. Thank you Molly and Burnet.
I am working on a sweet linen stitch neck ring in a wine colored, hand dyed MadelineTosh Pashmina Briar (cashmere/wool blend). It is very soft and will always remind me of that weekend. I love throwing a ring/cowl around my neck for hands free fun. A scarf has the tendency to travel as you wear it and I needed two hands for tasting the wine and the appetizers featured by the local catering talent. Yummy food, yummy wine and yummy yarn. All in the company of good friends and sunshine. Hope you find some sunshine today and knit a row!

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