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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello Out There

Is there anyone there anymore? I have been out of the blogger-sphere for so long I do not know if anyone is still willing to ride my knit-ship with me. The life related issues that have kept me silent have not ceased. The New Year dawning has not inspired a renewed sense of creativity. I have continued to create in my silence. No resolutions are driving me to write a daily post. I did not stop consciously, and I am resuming timidly. My voice did not go away. My opinions and my thoughts have been shared to death verbally. Putting them down via keyboard felt redundant and exhausting. So.

I will start with today. I just watched "Forks Over Knives" with my son. It has inspired some of our friends to the vegan lifestyle. We did not feel that we learned much that we did not already know. It is a fact that food is fuel and what you eat is very important to the health of your body. The real message and the most difficult tenet of good health is deciding to make it your lifestyle. To chose it and to live it. So today I am thinking about how to chose wisely. How to eat, to live, by choice. How to be happy and productive, to live well, by choice. Control the things you can. Avoid the things out of my control that may harm me. That includes people and places and food.

I have so many changes occurring in my life that are beyond my control. My knitting continues to provide me with purpose, peace, creativity and friendship. It has been the nourishment that feeds my soul. I have produced and sold 100's of pieces this past year. I have also knit many gifts and pieces for personal use. I believe that any thing worth celebrating deserves a hand knit. I also firmly believe that the receipt of a hand knit can provide comfort. I continue to knit. I have written many blog entries in my head during my absence from the web. I am back. Sometimes to rant and sometimes to rave. Stay tuned and blessings in the year 2012...

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're back. I was concerned. Every day is a blessing, that's why it's called the present. Hugs from cyberspace!