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Friday, June 17, 2011

In the Blink of An Eye

Dear Friends-

I am doing much better now. I have been blessed with extra padding that saved me from more serious damage.
Tuesday morning on the way to work for my dear LOM, I decided to stop by the store and find a track suit for Andy.

I was waiting at the light to turn left into the shopping center when I thought I saw the arrow turn green.The other lanes began to move so I entered the turn and BAM!
I spun around and around and ended with my shoes off, my glasses gone and the feeling that the seat belt was burning into my body. It was my fault. The green was not for my lane.
The police did not ticket me, they said it happens all the time?? Everyone be careful out there. The guy that hit me was sure angry- and I do not blame him.

I spent the day in the ER to make sure I did not hurt the head or the torso internally. All is well. Kidney is a little bruised- but I will totally heal with rest and muscle relaxers.
Doctor even ordered massages for the future-post bruising. I was asleep for 3 days and now I am up and will begin to knit again. I am car less for now and that is okay. I can drive on
Monday and hope to have a loaner by then.

Moral of the story- pay closer attention on the road and fat is not all bad.00386182.jpgThanks for all your prayers and well wishes. xoxo Headknitwit


Z of ZKNITZ said...

Sorry about your accident. I'm glad to hear nothing was seriously injured.

Enjoy your rest while you can.


Anonymous said...

Very glad to hear that you are okay. Heal quickly and completely.