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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Knitted Wire with Pearls and Crystals

Necklace #1
Knit by Jennifer See in one evening at Knitwits. Sterling silver 26 gauge wire
with silver and purple pearls.

Knit by Marsha with 26 gauge copper wire with Swarovski crystals and green and purple pearls.

The Knitwits learned a new technique. Using various wires and their choice of beads, crystals and pearls, the ladies created necklaces, bracelets and rings. All knit on size 2-4 needles. That is roughly larger than a toothpick! The effect is beautiful and the knitting is addictive. If you are lucky, you may be a gift recipient of one of these masterpieces.

Robin came up with the idea, after her daughter purchased a knit ring at a high priced holiday boutique sale. Of course, when she asked if I could teach it, I said yes. I had never tried and went with my handy motto- "fake it til you make it." Downloaded the directions, sent everyone shopping, passed out thin metal needles to the group and away we went. I hope to post more photos of completed projects soon.

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